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November 25th, 2013

Blackjack Terms


When you are ready to play Blackjack online, you should know some of the terminology you will see often in the game. Here is a basic glossary of Blackjack terms for you to start with.

-Bust: To go over 21 and lose the hand -Double Down: To double the size of one’s initial bet before taking one more card.

-Draw: To obtain additional cards to the original two card hand.

-Early Surrender: Player may give up or surrender after receiving first two cards but before dealer checks for an Ace in the hole, and only half of bet is lost.

-Edge: A term used to describe the percentage of advantage either the casino or the player has on a certain game.

-Even Money: A bet which returns the same amount in winnings as was bet originally

-Expectation: What a player or the house can statistically expect to win or lose on a bet.

-Face Card: The face cards are the Jacks, Queens, and Kings. They all have a value of 10.

-Flat Betting: To wager the same amount of money on each bet

-Hard Total: The total of any hand not containing Aces or the total of a hand where the Ace is counted as 1.

-Hit: To take another card.

-Hole Card: Playing situation with a high-count value, very favorable to player.

-Insurance: If the dealer’s up card is an ace or ten as up card, he or she will call for insurance. When you place an insurance wager, you are betting that the dealer has Blackjack

-Late Surrender: A blackjack rule that allows the player to forfeit half of his bet after seeing the dealer’s up card, unless the dealer has a blackjack

-Multiple Deck: games in which more than one deck of cards is used

-Natural: When an Ace and a 10-value card are dealt as the first two cards totaling 21 in value. Also referred to as a Blackjack.

-No Double after Split: Casino rules that do not allow doubling when the player has split two cards

-Pat Hand: Any hand in blackjack that is a hard 17 or greater and would not require a hit

-Penetration: How far into the pack or shoe a dealer goes before shuffling

-Resplit: Splitting pairs after splitting a pair for the first time if the same card is dealt again.

-Resplit Aces: the unlimited ability to re-split aces. Most casinos place a limit on how many times a player can resplit aces.

-Soft Hand: A hand that contains an Ace that is counted as 11. For example, an Ace-9 that is counted as twenty is soft. If it is later counted as a ten, it becomes a hard hand.

-Stand: The decision not to draw any further cards, or not to hit any more.

-Stiff Hand: Any hand that could bust if the player draws. Stiff hands are hard totals of 12 through 16 in value.

-Surrender: Surrender is the only option of not playing a hand after receiving your first two cards. When you surrender, the dealer will take your cards and you will only lose one half of your bet.

-Up Card: The dealer’s first dealt card, placed face up.


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