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Craps Rule | Strategy | Learn To Play Craps

November 25th, 2013

Casino Craps Online | Rules | Strategy

Learn to play casino craps online

Craps Rules and Strategies

Craps Is the noisiest game in the house and only spectator game in the casino that’s worthy of the name.

Craps Players and Personnel

Shooter – The player in charge of rolling the dice. Craps may involve any number of players betting on the outcome of the “Shooter’s” role

Dealers – Usually one at each end of the table. The dealers change cash into playing chips and make sure that all bets are handled properly.

Stickman – Calls the game that is in progress announcing every winning or losing role. The stickman returns the dice to the current “Shooter” after all bets have been handled.

Boxman – The final decision maker of a craps table, the Boxman sits at the table watching to make sure that gameplay is fair while guarding the casino chips.

Object of the Game

Players bet on or against numbers or number combinations being rolled on a pair of six-sided dice.

Strategy 1:

In this strategy, you wait until the shooter has made his/her point before placing your bets. After the Point is made you will place two units or $12.00 on both the 6 and 8. After one hit, you will ask the Dealer to come down one unit on the 6 & 8.

You now have a $2.00 profit and can no longer get hurt by the Seven. In addition, you now have $12.00 working for you. After another hit, bring down all bets and wait for the roller to make his/her point or 7 out, then start the process over.

On two hits your net profit is: $21.00. Now depending on how confident you are, you can come down after the first hit profiting $14.00 or keep betting on the 6 & 8. If you prefer to keep your bets riding make sure that both the 6 & 8 are covered.

There are ten combined ways to make a 6 and 8 and six combined ways for a seven.

Strategy 2:

In this strategy you will make a Pass Line bet and two Come bets.

Make a Pass Line bet.

Backup your Pass Line bet with single or double odds.

Make a Come Line bet.

Backup each Come Bets with single or double odds (two Come bets maximum).

When one of your Come Bets wins, place another Come Bets.

Continue this process until the shooter makes his/her Point or Seven-Out.

Each times you make a Come Bet you are protecting your Pass Line bets and taking advantage of a hot roller.

The variety of different bets that entice players at the craps table can be confusing. However, the way to come out a craps winner is to stick to bets with low house advantages. These bets have a maximum casino advantage of 1.4%, and are therefore “good bets:”

pass line

don’t pass line


don’t come


place win 6 or 8

The casino advantage varies for all the different types of bets. Your best bet is taking odds on your pass line, don’t pass line, come, and don’t come bets.

Good Luck!

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