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Gamble with your eyes | Slot

November 25th, 2013


Gamble with your eyesBy: Sarah Stander

Original slot machines were mechanical devices of gears, wheels and reels. Cheaters and con-men tried various ways to beat the slot machines, they tried everything from the use of magnets to drilling a holes through the casing of the slot machine in an attempts to influence the reel mechanism.

Slot Machine Designers have kept modifying and refining the slot machines to keep the cheaters at bay.

In the 21st century almost all slot machines are electronic and controlled by computer micro chips so that cheaters attempting manipulation of the machines is now almost a part of slot machine history.

Yes, true. You can not cheat a machine into paying you. The casino can cheat you into losing though. Ever heard the saying : These machines are rigged? Some of them are. If you have a good forewall, and your settings are right, you will see the file : changed components coming up.

Watch out. There is a way for the casino to determine if they will pay you or not.

I have sat back amused and horrified when I saw this happening. You might be winning steadily when this occur. Please know that once the casino decided you have made enough money, they will take whatever you give them.

This file is their Ace card. They are this to make money so they use it!

You can downscale and play slower, smaller and with care. You can take the money and leave, because tomorrow they will bug another punter

You can not complain, because somewhere in the small print of the document you sigh to agree with their rules, you agree to this too.

Have fun, gamble big or small.That is your choice. Play with your eyes open.

Choose to ignore the advice and empty your wallet.

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