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LOTTERY a Mugs Game – Mugged by the Fat Cats | Play Casino Game Online

November 25th, 2013

LOTTERY a Mugs Game – Mugged by the Fat Cats

By: Kacy Carr

Winning the National lottery has to be every ones dream, who says money can’t buy happiness? I am afraid I beg to differ. The odds are against the few who states otherwise. Taking responsibility of new found status of being a millionaire is enough to put a smile on the face of any rags to riches punter.

Is there any proven Pick 3 method that pays out mega bucks? What are the odds in striking it lucky with birthday and anniversary dates? How much truth is in astrology where luck is on your side if you purchase a lottery ticket from a dark haired Venezuelan?

Gambling is a numbers game. In school we were taught to jumble our digits around then add them together, and should the numbers tally then hey presto you had the correct answer. Unfortunately should the numbers not total up it was time to solve the problem by looking for a solution.

In the national lottery a Pick 3 formula is all you need to rake it in, how wrong you are? To pick 3 lotto numbers expect a pocket full of pennies

Winning high stakes like the jackpot, you need to do your homework. Let us replace the word solution and turn it into System. With a carefully planned and put together lottery formula you better the odds of your dream coming true.

Think about it? These games of chance are carefully structured by very intelligent people that have studied and researched on how to take your money by using a system/method. Why do you think they were christened the fat cats, believe me it was not by leaving it to chance.

Remember a fool and his money is soon parted.

A lottery formula is produced by teams of people who have put a lot of time behind the nuts and bolts of any gambling game before it is introduced to the public. Think about it, if a system works for these boys then it can work for you.

The internet is a major gambling hall for punters where they play poker bingo cards whatever; gamblers even get to play lotto online.

The web is not just about gambling and games, make sure to use the internet with expertise and gather all the information you need to prevent yourself from losing your home. Help is out there if you are hooked on having a flutter on the horses or placing chips onto a roulette table.

It is a mug’s a game as the saying goes, we the mugs are being mugged without the physical violence, these people are lining their pockets with your hard earned cash.

In Las Vegas casinos are ten a penny. Horse racing attracts people like the royal family and don’t know what to do with my money oil sheiks. For big money dividends it has to be the lottery. It is known that people travel hundreds of miles to different states to buy a lucky rollover ticket in hope to get winning lotto numbers

Are you serious about taking money from the fat cats? Then get it right from the beginning. If you have chosen the right lottery formula then you are on the run in towards the winning post.

What are the odds on luck beating any system? Do your maths and you are onto a winner

Any concerns with your gambling habits then please seek help.

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