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November 25th, 2013

Play Online Poker

Online PokerBy: Chen Ching-feng

Online poker is a very popular virtual casinos game where real players play against each other not the virtual casino. The virtual casino does usually take a small percentage of the online poker ‘pot’ before paying it over the winner. Online poker has evolved into many variants, from online Omaha Poker to online Five Card Stud. These online poker games offer different challenges but they have very similar ideals. Online poker can look quite daunting if you’re new to virtual casinos and online gambling. You might not be very familiar with the general rules and/or etiquette of poker. Learning to play poker online has become quite easy because you can practise at virtual casinos by downloading their software for free! You can then play a game of poker against other players to test your skill and get a feel for playing the game online. Though you will still be playing against other real poker players, you won’t have the pressure of playing for real money or living up to the more experienced poker players’ expectations. How do you choose a particular style of online poker? Since the boom of online poker, many different variants of the game have also sprung up. Deciding on the online poker game that best suits you is simply a matter of preference and also depends on availability. None of the online pokers games offer better odds than others, so it really only depends on your strategy and skill.

Online poker strategies A basic guideline to online poker is to be patient and be aggressive once you have a hand you feel confident in. Be patient in your early rounds of online poker, top players might fold 80% of their hands before they take an aggressive stance. Read more: Video Poker

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