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November 25th, 2013

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The popularity of poker has meant that more people than ever before have begun to play, and the craze is not just limited to online play; products such as the ESPN poker table can help to enhance the overall poker experience. More and more people are starting to host regular poker parties, or to make poker one of the events at a regular party (New Year’s parties, Christmas parties, birthday parties, and so on). This is a pretty good indication that poker is not just a game to win or lose money, but a great addition to any social occasion.

Now if you are a party host who really likes to go that extra mile and create an excellent and genuine party atmosphere during a poker game, then you’ll want to have all the right materials; there’s furniture, chip sets, and all sorts of other supplies. The ESPN poker table is a great addition to the overall atmosphere.

The ESPN table is just like the tables that you have seen if you follow the sports channel’s coverage of the World Series of Poker every year. For that matter, it’s a lot like the tables that are used in all the big tournaments, with the exception that it is a folding table (a nice touch for the home owner who can’t really afford to set aside a whole room for poker play!). With the felt top and the cup holder that has been built into the rail, your friends will feel as though they are sitting in a genuine poker club playing in a Texas hold ‘em tournament!

The ESPN poker table is really the king of poker tables and a great center piece to your games room collection. There really are no other game table like it, but of course in order to have the total experience you need a lot of other kinds of equipment to hold a quality poker game or, if you’re really in a creative mood, a poker tournament. Fortunately you are again the beneficiary of the rise in the popularity of poker; there are more products available than ever before, and the mass of buyers means that even quality equipment is being sold at low prices.

You don’t need to look very far to see evidence of this. There are literally hundreds of different chip sets to choose from, from the traditional to the commemorative. You might also be interested in custom cards, chairs, and chip holders. Your friends will be amazed as they talk about how much like an actual poker room the whole experience you put together felt!

In short, if you really want to impress people with the kind of quality they can expect at your poker party, you’ll need the right kinds of equipment. Poker chips and card sets, as well as serving ware and the other materials that make up a good party, will be important. The crowning glory of the experience should be your poker table, and you really can’t get better quality than the ESPN poker table.

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