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Internet Casino Roulette | Winning At Virtual Roulette

November 26th, 2013

Play Free American Roulette


Open a real account at Bovada Casino and play for real money

Open a real account at Bovada Casino and play for real money

Help With Winning At Roulette

Internet casino roulette is, of course, the close cousin of our old friend the brick and mortar, land based casino roulette game. Lets think about some inherent differences between the two. To begin with, the most obvious difference is staring you right in the face. Your environment. In land based casinos it is part of the casino’s game to distract you. Believe me they certainly try, and in an unbelievable number of ways. You could consider it unfortunate that they also succeed in their distractions, but at the same time you would be condemning many of the things that contribute to the honking good time casinos produce: a party atmosphere with games, face-to-face competition, high stakes, and booze. And if you’re a roulette fan you know exactly what I mean, and this might be stopping you from trying out online roulette.

Let’s look at what online virtual roulette, and how it differs from the party that we enjoy. First off, you’re missing the face-to-face competition, the joy in sharing when winning at roulette and the impression of being in a large noisy place full of flashing lights and noises of other winning roulette players. Losing the face-to-face competition does indeed suck, but it would probably be a greater loss in games like blackjack or poker. Roulette has a less competitive nature, everyone can cheer for anyone on a roll. But playing online roulette can free you from this genius plot by the casinos to distract you while they take your money. You set your own environment at home, with as much or as little distraction as you like.. online roulette games have a little way to go yet before they can simulate the craziness of a real casino, but we can treat this as a good thing.

The question that invariably comes up when you compare a completely non-digital game like real casino roulette to the digitized versions you find like online roulette game, is that over odds. Roulette has a classic standpoint of complete randomness, there are added pegs and obstructions to the wheel that ensure the ball is knocked around a bit before it settles. This knowledge is comfort to the gambler, a sense of security that the casino isn’t entirely ripping them off, because you can see the random event right in front of you. This is a feeling you can lose on games like slots and video poker, and of course, with online internet casino roulette. Playing virtual roulette snatches that secured feeling of randomness from you, and could make you uneasy about venturing online to try your hand winning at roulette.

To gain a more detailed understanding of the house edge in roulette, and to know how programmers approach online roulette, check out our internet casino roulette strategy page.

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