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Online Slot Game Rules and Strategy | Tips and Tricks

November 25th, 2013

Slot Game Rules and Strategies

Slot machines are very popular casino games. This is true despite the fact that casinos make the most money from slot machines. Although winning at the slots has a lot to do with luck, there are ways to maximize your chances of hitting that big jackpot. Slot machines all look the same on the outside, but they are all set for certain payout percentages. You need to know where most casinos strategically place the machines giving the best payouts.

Slot Machine Rules

The slot machine has three spinning wheels marked with symbols. Each time the game is played, the three wheels come to rest with a random selection of symbols showing in the window. Certain combinations of symbols cause a payoff. The object is to earn money by getting paying combinations, which are shown in the window at the top of the slot machine. Some machines allow you to wager more coins to receive greater paybacks for winning combinations. There are also machines that allow you to wager more money to have more than row where winning combinations can match up. In such a game, you might have more than one winning combination on one turn.

Slot Machine Tip #1:

Always read the pay-off information on each machine, particularly on Pay for Play machines. These are usually three coin slot machines with the first coin paying only on limited symbols, perhaps cherries and bars. The second coin pays on the next set of symbols and the third coin pays on any win. The big win is with the third coin. Many a player has turned up three sevens and stood in wonderment as to why they didn’t get paid. They only put one coin in the slot machine and one coin won’t feed the bulldog on a pay for play. Know what you are playing.

Slot Machine Tip #2:

When playing progressive slots or three liners or five liners make sure you have
inserted the proper number of coins in the machine. It can be very frustrating to see a line of three sevens and not get anything because you didn’t insert the required number of coins.

Slot Machine Strategy

Maximum Coin Play
On most slot machines, especially progressive jackpot slots, it’s best to play the maximum number of coins in order to take full advantage of the entire payout


Find slot machines that you understand and play them. Don’t play just any slot
machine that you see. Learn what slots appeal to you and stick with them … we all have favorites – that’s part of the fun.

Take a Chance

If you are up you can afford to take a chance on high end machines – even the $5.00 or higher slots. If you do hit … take the money and run.

Slot Machine Money Management Strategy

Money management, when playing online casino slots, is a very good idea and each of us has our own idea of what that means. There are a number of approaches to money management, but the most effective is the daily budget. Very simply, the player budgets themselves to a daily bankroll … $100, $500, $1000 or whatever. If that bankroll is lost, the day’s play is over.
Online Sim Slot Machine

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