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Video Poker and Slots | Most Popular Choices for Online Gamblers

November 25th, 2013

The two games that are getting the heaviest amount of play by online casino patrons are video poker and slots.

(PRWEB) September 13, 2005 — According to a recent survey issued by http://www.play-video-poker-slots.com, the two online casino games that players prefer playing above all other online casino games are video poker and slots. This supports a recent trend discovered by the online gambling industry which suggests that online casino players prefer playing non-kinesthetic, solitary games when gambling online, such as video poker and slots, over more physical and social casino games like craps and roulette.

Perhaps video poker and slots are the preferred choices of online players due to the fact that the experience of playing a slot or video poker machine at an online casino comes the closest to the actual experience of playing a slot or video poker machine in a brick and mortar casino.

Both of these games are passive and solitary, whether you play them at a casino or online. Gamblers who prefer craps or roulette when visiting their favorite land based casinos, surprisingly, also elect to play video poker and slots more often than other casino games when gambling online.

These players have been found to prefer the physical and social aspects associated with playing craps and roulette at an actual casino and since the online experience of these games does not afford them the same physical and social interaction, these players also elect to play the more solitary games whenever they choose to gamble online, as well, thus accounting for the dramatic increase in video poker and slots players at online casinos.

Other contributing factors to the large increase of online slots and video poker players, according to http://www.play-video-poker-slots.com are the increase in the level of sophistication of the online versions of these games, as well as the enormous progressive slot jackpots being offered at some of the more popular online casinos.

Many of these online progressive slot machines have jackpots well into the six figures. The website http://www.play-video-poker-slots.com is an evaluator of the latest video poker and slots games to come online and provides current progressive jackpot information, as well as detailed strategy articles, for online casino players who wish to play video poker and slots and try their luck at becoming the next internet slots millionaire.

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